Since 1990

From our factory, to your wardrobe.


Soulutions is about the essentials — those timeless staples that make every day dressing effortless. We make forever pieces with an edge.


In 1990,

Solutions was a minor brand of Seth GmbH – a German shirt-making company established by Mr. Seth senior. Stewarded by an ageing group of directors, the line consisted of traditional-cut shirts that didn’t differentiate much from any other bland men’s office-wear line. Fresh off a business marketing degree, one of Mr. Seth’s sons eagerly took charge of Solutions. The first order of business was to build a sales team with a group of young, enthusiastic individuals, plugged into the zeitgeist of the 90’s Hamburg scene.  The second was a small change of ‘Solutions’ to ‘Soulution,’ to have a trademark-able name, which became emblematic of the brands spirit going forward.

What followed was an energised and directional campaign to break Soulution into the German fashion scene. Mr. Seth, the Jr. planted his flag by relaunching the first collection of mens tops in only two colors – orange and green, with a camouflage kilt to fill out the line. 

New collections were released in night clubs where party goers could trade in the shirt off their back for a new Soulution shirt. It was not long before Soulution was selling alongside designer brand sport lines in hype shops like Loft (Hamburg), Daniel’s (Cologne), To Die For (Berlin), Ludwig Beck (Munich) and Wormland.  

For Seth Group, Soulution is a benchmark. With over 50 years of experience, producing garments for high-end, global brands – Soulution is injected with this expertise and know-how.  It is for the conscious buyer, interested in ethically produced goods that will last.  With the ability to deliver quality products from factory, directly to the closets of individuals, Solution is a next generation fashion brand.


100% EU Made

Soulution is a private label of Seth GMBH

Soulution is on of four private labels of Seth GmbH. Managing production to sales completely in-house allows us to have a 360° approach to sustainability and ethics.